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"Poetry demands presence in life":

The captivating world of Eva Maria Brauer

Growing up in divided Germany, Eva Maria Brauer is a talented writer, poet, and photographic artist. In her creative world, reality, and fiction merge in a unique way. While her literary works unfold the poetry of words, her artistic photomontages express the poetry of images. A magical connection emerges, where words become images and images become words. A cinema of the mind like no other!

The poetry, prose, and photo art of Eva Maria Brauer are imbued with emotional depth, reflecting the multifaceted nature of existence in an impressive manner. They rebel against conventions and present the authentic essence of a woman with a compelling story. Her works captivate and embrace readers and viewers alike. Eva Maria Brauer masters the art of playing with words and images, bringing the poetry within them to life. Her love for art is unmistakable, and art reciprocates that love.

As a true bohemian with an unusual life history, Eva Maria Brauer draws inspiration from her experiences, encounters, and the fascinating atmosphere of Ireland, which serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her works encompass love and life, yearning and dreams in all their facets. They are the result of a woman who rebels against transience and oblivion.

Immerse yourself in the poetry of words and images by Eva Maria Brauer. Allow yourself to be touched by their emotional power and discover the timeless beauty hidden within. Embark on an inspiring journey where you will see the world through fresh eyes.

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